The Biggest Mistake I Made in 2016

The biggest mistake I made in 2016 was not being aware of what I wanted. I started the year off sure of myself and what I wanted to achieve, yet as the days and months passed I wasn’t satisfied. I was receiving the things I yearned for but not feeling fulfilled. I tried to count my blessings and compare myself to others that appeared more ± less fortunate than me, to gain a different viewpoint and ended up feeling inspired or less satisfied.

Sometimes you think you know exactly what you want, a mansion, child, to cheat (which is so lame) etc.  but at the core of this all we’re really aiming for is happiness. When we receive our wants the euphoric feelings that arise are ephemeral. Studies have shown that humans are addicted to novelty (new experiences) and in these moments our brain releases a ‘feel good’ hormone called serotonin. So, it feels good to get what you want!

I thought I wanted a cool/relaxed career, a phenomenal life partner to travel the world with, 1 million followers on my YouTube channel, and to eat whatever I wanted without having to hit the gym-and these things would make me happy. While I’d love to have these things, I think I was equating all of this to "successes", and vital to my happiness. I remember this quote from one of my favorite people in the world Thich Nant Hanh “Each one of us has to ask ourselves, What do I really want? Do I really want to be Number One? Or do I want to be happy? If you want success, you may sacrifice your happiness for it. You can become a victim of success, but you can never become a victim of happiness.”

After allowing these fine words to marinate, I realized the biggest mistake I made in 2016 was believing that success equaled happiness. I was so caught up in reaching goals this year instead of taking the time out to enjoy the journey; and to be happy in each moment- with-or-without-success. It was the feelings of happiness I wanted all along. Furthermore, I needed to comprehend that happiness comes from within and not to look outside for it. 


Affirmations to repeat over and over for a more centered life, where, regardless of the factors your happiness doesn’t waiver.

  • Everyday in every way I am getting happier and happier
  • Because I seek the lord I do not lack for any good thing
  • To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace ease and lightness
  • Every day in every way I am in divine alignment

What is your biggest mistake in 2016? Please share below.

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Much Gratitude,


To Attract Your Desires, "Be Them"

In life, there are many barriers we create ourselves that compromise our well being. Many of these barriers are certain behaviors, attitudes, and mindsets that limit us from living a happy life. Ever wonder why you see lack in your life? Whether it’s lack of money, happiness, friendships or romantic relationships. The reason we see/don’t see what we think we should is because of who we are being. For example, imagine that handsome man who wanted to date you but you managed to sabotage it with your behavior (not demonstrating interest) and mindset (thinking that all men are the same or perhaps he’ll be just like your ex “a bad seed”). These are compromising barriers that limit our chances of experiencing the things we truly desire. And by not evaluating these counterproductive barriers and correcting them we doom many areas of our lives.

I personally recall going down the road of allowing limiting behaviors, attitudes and mindsets to wreak havoc in my life. While wishing, and praying for things I truly desired to show up, such as the solid relationship, stronger spirituality and material possessions; they failed to appear or if they did wouldn’t last long. I realized I wasn’t being a space for it thrive in.

So, what state of being are your showing up as? What behaviors, mindsets and attitudes do you need to part ways with to experience a life where by being, will cause you to have what you truly desire? Because until you correct your state of being you will not have.

Tips for changing limiting barriers:

Prayer Works: Pray! Many of us often pray for the superficial objects of the world. Begin praying for a better way of being, along with healthy behaviors, mindsets and attitudes. Most importantly pray to walk in purpose. In doing so you will attract the divine things that are in alignment with what you are being.

Faith and Actions: We must believe and act! Imagine what you’d like to experience and believe in it. Furthermore, “faith without works is dead” you must put forth the necessary actions to gain what you desire.

Affirmations: Affirm! Affirmations originated in India (one of the most peaceful countries on the Earth). Stating affirmations each day has the power to reshape your inner and external environments. Just by stating an affirmation, day by bay you will become a different person.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my perspective.  Love sharing, please drop a comment below.

Continue to think highly of yourselves and much gratitude.