Our Environments can Make or Break us!

“I can’t remain in an environment that is not conducive to my growth”. These words rolled effortlessly off the tongue of one of my colleagues. She was fed up with working and receiving minimal recognition and support with professional development, needed to excel. She was keen on growing and advancing in the work-sense but was not given the opportunities. She held a volunteer role but was adamant about transitioning to employee to manager to director and finally CEO. Many of you may think, these are just titles; however they are an individual’s desires, whereby if placed in the proper environment, combined with self-effort is achievable.

When I listened to my coworker discuss finding a job, one she wo uld feel was a rocket ship to her success I thought about the environments we grow up in. I remember asking myself the question “Did I grow up in a limiting environment”? My response was “somewhat, and it could have been better”. When I think of an environment I think of the people I grew up around, family, friends and community, resources like education, access to proper healthcare and food and shelter. In regards to a limiting environment, one where the family is broken, education is poor, the community is lacking in social niceties, health care is below average, and the water is polluted, statistically speaking this is a challenging environment to thrive in.

My friend knew she wanted more out of life, and specifically work. She knew that a part of getting to her destination relied on her environment. What I have come to realize is everything is ephemeral, including our environments. This is very important to note because people often believe in the reality that appears, instead of the “will” to change their destiny. I believe in God, and in all sacred books you will find the truest words “where there’s a will there’s a way.” Regardless of what you’ve experienced in the past or present in your environment, if you want to have different results, you can, you will. I’ve witnessed people from the most destitute environments rise to exponential degrees of success (mentally, spiritually, physically, and financially). I have also witnessed individuals from the same environment remain bound. Whether the goal is to travel the world advocating against social injustices (my dream), be an awesome mother or the next Dalai Lama, placing yourself in the environment most conducive to your growth is crucial, and key to your success.

Environments that will propel your growth.

Beautiful-Whether spending time on a beach, garden, or Mount Everest, allowing yourself to be in beautiful environments will bring forth the best inspiration that will never cease to motivate you to be creative and excited to contribute more in life.

Spiritual-Experience God’s love through allowing the energy to flow through you and sharing it with others. Take time to be in solitude in prayer and meditation. This is how you remain joyful, radiant, full and tenacious.

Positive-Maintain a circle of family, friends and associates that uplift you, and inspire you to keep pushing outside of your comfort zone. The quote “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”, shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Intellectual-Visit libraries, learning institutions, museums, workshops etc. keep advancing and surround yourself with individuals smarter than you, absorb the knowledge and thrive.

Much Gratitude,