Make a Difference! Get Involved in Your Community


“We can’t go on pretending day by day that someone, somewhere will soon make a change. We are all part of God’s great big family, and the truth you know, Love is all we need.” Michael Jackson

I happen to be extremely passionate about this particular topic “Getting involved within your community”. First and foremost I want to breakdown what a community means to me. A community is a place where a group of people thrive. They are connected by common threads such as their interests, environment, and social status. When I think about how communities changed within the last decade, it saddens me to see how much they’ve changed in a negative sense. I remember growing up in a community where the members stuck together. Whether through times of crisis or during special occasions everyone in the community came together and supported one another. I remember those days and would love to see the unity and commitment towards making communities better reflected in our society today.

The reason I stress getting involved within your community is because of the positive impacts it will have on its members and the world. When a community is broken, when there is a lack of resources (educational, health, jobs, protection) along with love it has little potential for success. Questions I asked myself when I began to reflect on whether or not individuals should get involved in their communities well-being were; How many of us know our community members? Are we aware of the 10 year projected plan of our community? If you are not aware of the answers it time to get involved.

This is a subject that I can go on and on about, but the most important message I seek to relay is get involved in your community, so that you can make a difference. If you want to see change or prevent change take action. Taking action within your community will let individuals outside of your community realize that you care about your community’s success. Save the culture, save what makes your community the healthy community that it is. A community is a subpart of the world; we must do our part to uplift it and make it better. Take the initiative and reach out to elected city officials and discuss your community’s needs. Think about your community over the last five years what has changed? What will you like to see change? I now challenge you to make a small step in the direction of discussing your concerns with your community members. They might be just as concerned as you are. Now both of you together can create initiatives that will make a difference.

Some ways to get involved:

If your community is a target for waste call the city and request they clean it up. If you encounter delays take action. Organize some members of your community to assist you with cleaning it. Snap pictures and send it to your city officials this will let them know you care and are willing to take action yourself (note: don’t rely solely on the city/state/government).

Attend city council meeting in order to stay up to date with the changes that are occurring within your community. If you can’t make the meetings personally I suggest watching them on your local TV stations. Do you agree with the changes that are occurring? If not discuss it with your community members and express your concerns at the next city council meeting. Be sure to do your research before you approach the council this will add a tremendous benefit to getting your communities needs met.

Another tip I recommend is “Being the change you expect to see”. Since all change starts with you, figure out ways you yourself can be the change you want to see. If you want a stronger community reach out to community members, be congenial, talk to them regularly, be there for them, and lend a helping hand. I’d love to hear your thoughts on your community, please share!