When’s the last time you’ve poured into yourself? If the answer to this question is outside of the last 12 hours, I recommend you pour into yourself immediately. Many of you might be wondering what I mean by pouring into yourself. Each day it’s imperative that we “spiritual beings having a human experience”, nourish ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. As doing so, gives us the ability to live life in the capacity that we are designed to. On the flip-side not nourishing/pouring into yourself is the equivalent of living life on empty. Which may lead to depletion of energy, feeling overwhelmed and often times depression.

We live in a world where constant effort on our behalf is required to improve our quality of life. Whether the goal is to save for a house, shed those few extra pounds you gained stepping outside of your diet or perhaps going above and beyond at work to gain a promotion. All of these things require something from us and the bulk of is an out-pour of energy.

Taking moments out of each day to pour into those particular areas that you are exhausting can have drastic rewards; and not just for you but for the entire world. Some ways you can pour into yourself is by taking moments each day and shutting out all distractions in order to meditate, pray, state affirmations, and practice breathing and physical exercises. While you don’t have to do this all in one setting, incorporating them at your leisure is a start. And as you began to pour into yourself you will feel more balanced and less exhausted. You will also feel more inclined to take more action in life; and when challenges arise you will persevere, thanks to the stock you invested into yourself.

When thinking of pouring into ourselves I often like to draw comparison to a rare luxury vehicle. In order for it to stand the test the time and truly exert itself it requires gasoline (often time’s premium). So my friends I say to you think highly of yourselves; enough that you will pour into your temple the best of the best. And in this way you will go really far in life feeling completely wonderful during the journey.


What Pouring into yourself can do?

Bring Joy – Joy is an unwavering emotion that can be tapped into at any moment and is often overshadowed by pain and discomfort. Creating space each day to pour into yourself is making the decision to experience more joy. Enjoy visiting “state Joy” as often a possible!

Make You Attractive – Most of us are aware of the significance of prayer and meditation along with the benefits of healthy dieting and exercise. Thus preforming these as often as possible heals and beatifies us internally, eventually spilling outward, and making us radiant and attractive.

Stimulate Self-Love – Pouring into yourself is “tender loving care”. Eliminating distractions and putting effort into nourishing yourself is self-love. The surest way to experience self-love is to create it for yourself. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding pouring into yourself! Drop a comment below.

Much Gratitude,