Life Ends Fast, Spend it Feeling Good!!

Before we end the year, I thought I’d like to share how important it is to spend your time wisely. I know the saying is cliché but it’s one of the wisest sayings, I have yet to hear. Not too long ago I was in a stressful situation that didn’t feel good about and was looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Last week a series of events stressed me out during the first half of my day; and all I could think of was going home, crawling beneath my bed, and never coming out. After a period of overwhelming negative thinking, I did not want to feel that way any longer. I preferred to feel good and wanted to use my time here on earth wisely.

Often, we get caught up in drama and squander our valuable time. When was the last time you experienced a situation you didn’t like and it destroyed your mood? You may have saw someone being mistreated (or yourself), you may have argued with your SO (significant other), you might have gotten laid off or perhaps the Sun failed to shine the way you wanted it. Whatever the event may be, it’s easy to go down a negative spiral and remain there for hours, days, weeks, even worse years.

The more experiences I have, and mature I become I realize the ebbs and flows in life are constant. And in this I’ve learned I want to be a person who is joyful and feeling good. In the event, I’m allowing a negative situation to shape my day I am not using my time here on earth wisely, and not being the person I desire to be. I met with a kind gentleman this afternoon, his name is Mr. West (83 yo) and we discussed life, politics, God, marriage etc. He mentioned that “life will be tough sometimes but if you can be happy, laugh, and be sure to enjoy it you can make the most out of it”. I found our meeting and conversation ironic; because recently I’ve stressed to my friends how I want to be more strategic about my time. Meeting with Mr. West was confirmation for me that I’m on the right track. Without the contrast of not feeling good or joyful I wouldn’t be inclined to put forth effort to live, laugh and love. I’m grateful for the contrast and life which I prefer to live happily.

Last tidbit, look up the studies behind living healthy and being happy as opposed to being sad, I will encourage you to prioritize.

Much gratitude,