Greetings everyone, my name is Rachel Jenkins, I am currently the sole contributor to everything Rachel’s Fuel. Born and raised in NOLA, currently residing in the “Sunshine State” (Florida). Upon waking up at 4:30 am one morning, I reflected upon a particular goal I once hid. Tucked far and deep beneath my bed it had, yet again, revealed itself somehow. The goal was to make a positive difference. Each day I become closer to understanding Rachel; and what it means to live and love which has been, and still is an exhilarating and at times intricate journey. I enjoy discussing life and the journey towards wholeness which in my opinion is required to successfully navigate through life. I’m trying to add just a dash more Peace, Positivity, Inspiration, and Unity to the elixir of life. Sharing my Joie De Vivre (zest for life) is just a portion of my efforts towards change.

Sincerest Gratitude to the All.